Saturday, March 31, 2012

Past Her Bedtime

It's 9:30, and Kaylee is still awake.  I think her brain is growing so fast that it is keeping her awake.  On her way to the first bedtime attempt, I showed her how to blow a kiss to Daddy.  He blew a kiss back.  And then Kaylee imitated us!  As far as I know, that was the first time that she had seen a kiss blown.

Other new activities: sticking magnets to the refrigerator.  Sticking other toys to the refrigerator to see if they will stick.  Dancing around in laundry.  (Her new Native American name is Dances with Laundry.)  Wearing underwear like a hat.  Prying open my hand to get to the small object hidden in my fist.  Handing me an object that I told her not to eat.  Gives big wet kisses.  Gives big squeezy hugs.  She also climbed onto the first step of the stairs, scaring the crap out of me.

Kaylee will be one year old tomorrow!  She has gone from a speedy butt-scoot to pulling up.  When she pulls up, she says "up".  Her first non-mamadada word was banana.  "Thirsty" also made an appearance, twice, when she tried and failed to make the sign. She learned the signs for "milk" and "all done" at the same time, and continues to confuse them both with "more".

Update: Happy Birthday Kaylee!  She decided that sleeping was entirely optional last night.  I think she is teething, and her brain is growing so fast that she was distracted by all the new things she is noticing. Last night she wanted to bite, talk, look at the nightlight, look at the glowing numbers on my clock, and blow on my belly.  I had to wrestle her to sleep in bed with me.  She told us that she wanted to go to bed by saying "up!  up!  nainai!"  This morning she blew kisses to passers-by in Panera.

Tomorrow we kiss Daddy goodbye for two weeks as Gabe, Kaylee, and I head for Virginia and then Texas.