Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vacation with the Sullivans

I'm in Virginia for a few weeks with the kids, visiting with my parents.  Poor Chris is at home in MA all alone, but we try to Skype every day.

Kaylee is eating solid foods with a vengeance.  Yesterday was avocado, and jarred green beans; lunch today was some of the broth and tofu from my hot and sour soup.  She has gone up a diaper size and she'll be flying back home with an extra chin at this rate.

Gabe tells elaborate stories now.  Often he is shy with strangers - for the first thirty seconds.  But often he will strike up a conversation with a strange adult.  I approve of this.

"I am rated for multiple small children," says my dad, who at this moment is crouched over Kaylee, administering kisses, while Gabe climbs on his back.

Kaylee has been razzing like crazy, particularly when ready for a nap.  She has discovered her ears.  And she is talking all the time about "abba".  And grabbing things - my lukewarm coffee went over yesterday with her ninja grab.  And she just started waving!  Yesterday it looked accidental, today it looked deliberate.

This morning we took Gabe swimming at the rec center.  He clung to me skittishly as I took him in the deep area, and then he rocked the shallow end of the pool, fearlessly charging about in neck-deep water.  I couldn't convince him to dip more than his mouth in the water, but when he accidentally dunked himself, he told me about it proudly.

But the best part is watching Kaylee laugh at Gabe!  She'll get belly laughs watching him spin in circles or play with toys, or better still, when he pokes her and kisses her.  I think my encouragement is paying off: he loves her so!

The cookbook is inching along towards its final state.  I worry that it will be riddled with typos and bad advice.  But if I can clean it up sufficiently, it's going to be stellar.  This knowledge has kept me working on it night after night. 

I'm pooped; the pool sucked the energy out of me.  I'm going to limp my way through a haircut tonight, and get myself ready for visits with old friends tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday.  And Marta gets here Friday, too, with her boys!  This is going to be an exciting weekend.