Sunday, July 31, 2011

Third Birthday!

Ah, time gets away from me with two children! So many times I have wanted to sit down and record what has been going on. Instead, I have been spending my limited free time writing a cookbook for the Franklin Food Pantry, and hunting American chestnut trees. Sorry kids - when you wonder why there are so few photos of you at this stage in your life, this is why.

We just wrapped up Gabe's third birthday party! It was just our regular Sunday Dinner gathering, plus some party deco and party food. Jen made chocolate ice cream. Molly made cupcakes. Gabe blew out candles and enthusiastically opened Cars-themed and Thomas-the-Train-themed gifts.

The decorations were based on the same themes. Paper plates, napkins, a "happy birthday" banner - all of this themed disposable junk that I normally hate, well, it saved my butt this time. I had failed to arrange any sort of fancy shindig at a farm or moon bounce place. God, if I ever have to write and mail invitations - shoot me now! But a couple of dollars worth of streamers and stickers goes a long way with the three-years-and-under crowd. Fifty cents of balloons is a whole afternoon of fun. And that cheap plastic wiffle bat is going to be a hit for days.

The official gift was a strider bike: a tot-sized bike with no pedals. It's in Gabe's favorite color of course: "lello". Earlier in the week we took it with us for a picnic at the town's gazebo. He rode it for about two hours there.

Grandma Nana just had hip surgery, which prevented her from getting out shopping for the gift she wanted to send. So, earlier this week Gabe and Kaylee and I had an outing to Ikea to fetch Grandma's gift. This is one of the best toy kitchen's I've seen anywhere, as it is made of all the same materials and hardware as Ikea's regular furniture. (Except, alas, for the handles and sink parts, which are plastic.) Gabe even helped assemble it.

The pots and pans and mini baking set are particularly nice touches, because they can all actually be cooked with. So far we have cooked an egg together in the mini frying pan, and a ton of cookies with the cookie cutters, baking pan, and the adorable red-handled rolling pin that is a tiny replica of my antique one.

At the party tonight Kaylee had a screaming fit, which lead to an investigation of her mouth. Sure enough, the bottom left tooth is getting ready to erupt. Four months old, and already teething! I am not yet ready to lose her adorable toothless grin!

Ah well. Happy birthday Gabe! It has only been three years, but it feels as if you have been a part of my life forever. I love you.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Skyping the Grandparents

Mom and Kids

Opa and Kaylee

More photos from Bill and Helen's May visit. Kaylee and Opa had fun on the historic Magic Blue Quilt with One Red Square. This quilt was a gift from my uncle's wife Yvonna to my mother, when I was a child or perhaps before I was born. As a kid, I built tents out of it. Our Sunday Dinner friends have let their wee ones romp on this quilt. This past weekend it came with us to a picnic on Scusset beach.


Helen is SO Photogenic!

This photo of Chris' step mom brings me such joy! This was taken in late May, before Kaylee was really smiling much. If Kaylee could have smiled at the time, Helen would have inspired great big grins!