Monday, October 18, 2010


"Red means stop, green beans go."

"I eat the owl." Said in the direction of the window, after a discussion about listening for owls. He followed it up by holding his mouth open, as if waiting for an owl to fly in. I imitated him, and we laughed ourselves silly. Gabe was telling a joke.

"I can't reach the moon. Get the ladder."

"Squishy stars!" Only Gabe knows why the stars are squishy tonight.

"I'm afraid!" Said at the slightest sound of a motorcycle or train somewhere in the distance.

"I'm afraid of the owl!" Said when spotting a darkened window.

"The train is up in the sky!"

. . .

Today was Gabe's first day at a new daycare. Chris and I worried needlessly: the teacher said that Gabe seemed like an old pro. He got right down to business on the playground, ate his entire lunch, went peacefully down for a nap, and played nicely with the other children. The only discomfort he showed was after the second trip outdoors, when he didn't want to take off his coat. (So they let him wear it indoors, which was nice of them.) When I came to pick him up, he was engrossed with a toy truck, and had to be talked away. Then in the car, he told me excitedly all about the daycare's sandbox! What a great beginning.