Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I should get in the habit of jotting down a few things before bed, even if I'm a zombie and incapable of getting photos edited and long posts written.

Kaylee's smiles are absolutely magic right now. Big toothless grins! Big toothless grins for Mommy! Mommy leaves the room , Kaylee cries. Mommy comes back, Kaylee grins!

And of course, big grins for Daddy. And for Gabe! He loves to give her kisses. She looks at him adoringly as he grabs her arm and pulls her across the floor to his big slobbery kiss. Gabe is once again putting his mouth all over people to display affection. He is just like a sucker-fish sometimes. "Gabe, please don't lick my foot, it's dirty." I still get jumpy when his mouth gets too close to my butt, but he hasn't actually bit me there in a few months.